Short Division – no remainders

To move onto this method your child needs to be able to use their understanding of times tables confidently.  It is a difficult method to master and your child will need to take care when recording the digits in the correct place.

Watch the clip below to practice this written method.


Division as ‘chunking’ – with a remainder

In some ways this method is very similar to repeated subtraction on a number line.  As your child uses their understanding of the multiplication tables to help them they will begin to realise that there will be ‘some’ left over.

When the number they are subtracting is larger than the number they are subtracting from they have found the ‘remainder’

Use the clip below to help explain and practice this written method.

Division as grouping

In this stage of division we are asking the child to make groups of objects and count how many groups they have made. Stress the importance of the word equal so that this concept is embedded in their understanding of division.

Watch the clip below to practice grouping with your child.

Division as sharing

This is the very first stage in division and can be done practically using equipment such as cubes, beads, toy cars etc.. It is important to stress the importance of the word ‘equal’ and make sure your child understands that to share equally means that each person recieves the same amount.