How to project your animation onto the TV

When you visit the animation station, it can really help to show your work on the apple TV. Using this tutorial you will be able to project your animation onto the TV for all of your classmates to see.


Handwriting – Letter Group 1

This group of letters are called the Jumper Family and they all begin with a downward pull towards the line we are writing on.

The letters in this family are:

h  b  r  n  m  p

Remember that ‘b’ has no flick because when the pencil lands on the line we pull back and ‘hug the tree’.

Handwriting – Holding the Pencil

Before we can begin to write, we need to know how to hold the pencil correctly. By following the video demonstrations below you will be able to practice holding the pencil correctly, whether you are right or left handed.

First we begin by pointing the pencil towards your tummy. Next using you holding fingers  pick it up carefully. Tip it back to lay across your hand and put your pillow finger underneath. Your thumb first and second finger are the Holding Fingers and it is important that we only use these to hold the pencil.

Your Pencil Checks:

Are your holding fingers all level with each other?

Can you see a little of the pencil colour between your holding fingers?

Is your pillow finger underneath?

Is your pencil laying back across your hand?