Handwriting – Letter Family 4

This group of letters are made by starting with a downward pull toward the line.

The letters in this family are l,t,i and u.

Saying the rhymes as the letters are formed helps your child to remember the shape and gives rhythm to their writing.


Handwriting – Letter Family 3

The letter ‘e’.

This is a special letter as it is the only letter of the alphabet formed in this way.

It has a unique starting starting point and the children need to understand that when they pull around the bottom of the letter must touch the line.

Handwriting – Letter Family 2

In this letter family we use a pulling action to start every letter. It is important to remember that every letter must sit on the line – reinforce the word ‘bump’ when the pencil hits the line.

The letters in this family are:

c, a, d, g, q, o and s.

Although the letter ‘d’ looks tall it begins with the pull motion as we start with the letter ‘c’.