Doubling a two digit number

When we double a two digit number, we need to be able to partition the number so that each digit can be doubled separately before we ad them back together.

Remember that doubling is the same as multiplying by 2.

Watch the video below to practice your doubling skills.


Column Multiplication – 4 digit by 3 digit

Now you are secure multiplying by a 3 digit number you can apply your understanding to use a 4 digit number.

Remember to keep all of the digits in the correct column. Once you have practised by following the video below, try and solve these calculations.

3178 x 546 =

1638 x 343 =

1519 x 236 =

Handwriting – Letter Family 6

This family of letters is called The Slider Family.

The letters in this group are k, v,w,x and z.

The children need to look carefully at the formation of these letters as it is important that the angle of the slide is consistent and that they sit neatly on the line.

Watch the video below to practise these letters.

Handwriting – Letter Family 5

This family of letters is called The Fisher Family.

The letters in this group are y, j, f and g.

The pull motion in these letters is important so that the children understand the difference between the pulling tails of this family and the quick flick of the ‘q’.

Watch the video below to practise this formation.

Handwriting – Letter Family 2

In this letter family we use a pulling action to start every letter. It is important to remember that every letter must sit on the line – reinforce the word ‘bump’ when the pencil hits the line.

The letters in this family are:

c, a, d, g, q, o and s.

Although the letter ‘d’ looks tall it begins with the pull motion as we start with the letter ‘c’.